August update

I had a short break in the north of England which was lovely just to chill and take in the views.

For the past week some of my work has been on display at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Society Summer Exhibition which I have also been involved in stewarding.  It was exciting to see such a vibrant and eclectic display of art created by local artists, they are based in The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells historic area. Talking of which I was very excited to see that the front cover of The Artist magazine for September features a lovely spider crab painted by a fellow artist I have known and admired for a long time Lucy Clayton ( please take a look at her excellent work on her website.

My official, and slightly early,  retirement date is coming up shortly and I have already been enjoying the extra time to spend on my art becoming a self employed artist has always been a dream.  I also intend to do more art classes, I have been working on things to make this a reality.

My trip to London art galleries is coming up this week as I will be visiting the National portrait Gallery for the first time since its complete renovation and will report back next month.  

With love,