I was contacted by the production team at Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, they suggested that I apply to take part.  This meant painting a self portrait, not my favourite subject.  Nonetheless I persevered and have sent off a portrait in my favourite watercolour and ink medium.  Now I'm worried as I take far longer than 4 hours to complete a work, so lots of practice.

I am also still busy with commissions although I am slowing these down a little in order to both practice getting quicker and paint some portraits to sell at my favourite art fair Urban Art Brixton in the beginning of July.  If you are free then please come and say hello!  Many of my originals will be on view.

Last year I went on an amazing course by Jane French at West Dean.  This was a complete indulgence as staying at West Dean allows you tom completely immerse yourself in your chosen art or craft for the duration of your course.


I can recommend Jane's courses wholeheartedly. I have been trying to teach myself to paint in oils with mixed success. Within a day we were all producing work we could be proud of.  As well as painting the portraits there was a session on mixing the paint and another on drawing the head directly onto the canvas using a brush and diluted paint.

Sadly my intention to practice in order to be able to offer this as an additional service is now on hold as I'm busy with other projects.