May update

Bored with trying to paint gently on mixed media paper I tried staining my own watercolour paper using tea and coffee.  It worked better than I could have hoped for and I have found a new way forward.  I have put my first try below.  I also decided to explore the theme of ageing which may or may not have something to do with my recent birthday.

My Moan for May

I recently had yet another person commission digital portraits then fail to pay. This happens and I have in the past acquired a number of portraits this way both digital and watercolour and yes I will sell them or use them for illustration purposes.  Until paid for all you will receive is a very low resolution picture to assure you that it has been completed.  So far I have not taken a deposit for digital work, I feel I now need to so, in future to deter anyone not intending to pay.  That also leaves space for commissions so if you were thinking of having a portrait painted now is the time to get in your requests.

I'm continuing to paint portraits to sell at my favourite art fair, Urban Art Brixton in the beginning of July.  If you are free then please come and say hello!  Many of my originals will be on view and for sale as I avoid prints.