Sunshine and wrinkles

Digital portraits are fairly new to me.  I was surprised to find that they took just as long as traditional art and required the learning of a whole new raft of skills.  As you can see this has resulted in a fairly unique style when it comes to painting on an iPad.

Digital paintings are useful to the buyer in a number of ways as they can use the image for profile pictures or perhaps having the image printed in your choice of size, using canvas or photographic paper or on cards for a special occasion.  The only thing you cannot do is claim to have produced the image yourself or sell the image to others.

For the moment I am selling commissions at just £50, this will cease at the end of summer 2020 and return to a normal commission price. Until then I will require a number of digital photographs and a deposit of £25 before I can begin.

If you wish I can organise to have cards or wall art printed for you at an extra cost

£50 plus any printing costs