Digital portraits make the perfect long distance gift.  The file I use results in a high quality image that can easily be printed on an A4 canvas or could be used to produced any number of other items from greetings cards to mugs or cushions. Please take a look at my instagram page to see a larger variety of my work.

If you commission such a painting you can use it any way you wish for personal use but may not reproduce it for commercial use unless agreed with me beforehand.  You may not claim to have produced the image yourself or sell the image to others.

For the moment I am selling commissions at just £100. I will require a number of digital photographs and a deposit of £20 before I can begin.  I expect this cost to increase at the end of September 2024 for work not ordered and deposit paid before then.

If you wish I can organise to have cards or wall art printed for you at an extra cost or you may wish to organise printing local to yourself.