Commission your own artwork.

It is an absolute joy to have a moment in time captured in watercolour and, as I am happy to work from your precious photographs to create something very special, it is also easy to achieve.

I work on either toned mixed media paper or white watercolour paper, using watercolour and ink (see separate page for Digital Paintings) and will keep you updated with progress shots along the way.  I paint in many sizes from A4 (one head only) up to A2.  If there is something that you can see on the website that you particularly like then please let me know as that will inform the painting.

To make it even simpler I have a price list below based on the number of heads required and size, but please do not feel that it is set in stone.

Price increase as of 1/10/2022. I have been charging the same for several years however I feel I need to increase prices considerably to cover even a basic wage for myself.  With this in mind, prices will increase by 30% for any commissions received after the above date.

One head.                                          A4 £160    A3  200   A2 £300

Second Head                                         N/A            £ 40         £  50

Third Head                                            N/A            N/A          £  50

I will require a number of high quality digital images from which to work and will prepare a preliminary sketch for your approval after which I will need a 50% deposit.

The price includes postage for UK only.  International postage will be at cost.