A member of SAA, Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Society and The British Art Club.  I have exhibited at Urban Art Brixton for several years and more recently in the RTWAS Summer Exhibition.

Using a distinctive style I paint people and animals and have been doing so for over twenty years.  This year I was invited to apply for PAOTY, though unfortunately did not make the final few.

Every face is different, the light hits each face differently illuminating it in a unique way. If you get it just right you  catch the magical mixture of character, light and importantly, emotion.

My portraits sell around the world from Africa to the USA and between, I pride myself on  gaining a relationship with the client in order to best fulfil their needs.

Having only used watercolour and inks in the past few years I have added digital paintings to my repertoire and am finding this new media amazingly flexible, a recently acquired Gel plate has added the exciting possibility of mrnoprinted backgrounds, giving my work an extra dimension.

Last year was a ridiculously busy year.  This summerI will be retiring from my part-time role as a Teaching Partner in a local school to give more time to art, I will however continue to be involved as I will teach an art club there. Im excited to be taking part in the an Urban Art fair in Brixton in July which is such an amazing art fair with a great family atmosphere.  Meanwhile commissions are still fairly busy but I do have space for a couple more before the Summer.

Happy Easter!


Self Portrait

In my happy place

Not for sale - I mean its me, why would anyone want it?