Lynda Bell-Mann Art

Artists statements are not my strong point but....  I live in Tunbridge Wells in the UK and find that not painting is the way to madness, therefore I paint. I am particularly drawn to portraits, of both people and their pets, my version is often a little quirky.  My style has a feel of being unfinished in that I often leave areas in just a sketch for the mind to fill in the gaps so drawing the focus of the viewer.

I enjoy producing artwork of places that are special to people as you can see from the following places I do so as sketches as well as finished pieces, those shown evoke particular memories for me.

 I am running workshops locally for those who would like to come and have a play, these are at Arty Farty Retreat and you are very welcome to join me.

 If you would like a portrait of your own choosing please contact me (I am more reasonable than you may think).  Details of how are on the commissions page.

Painting for me is a necessity