Feeling Blue

For sale   £350

I paint people and animals and have been painting for over twenty years.

Every face is different, every eye has its own particular shape and blend of colours.  If you get it just right you can catch the magical mixture of character and the emotion of the moment.

My portraits sell around the world from Africa to the USA and between, I pride myself on  gaining a relationship with the client in order to best fulfil their needs.

Having only used watercolour and inks in the past few years I have added digital paintings to my repertoire and am finding this new media amazingly flexible, next year I am hoping to be able to add oil portraits as well.

It has been a ridiculously busy year.  After almost selling all my stock in the summer I am trying to paint for myself as well as taking commissions from my clients. Anyone looking to have something painted I am afraid I have no availability until the new year but will be offering three gift certificates for slots in the first half of 2023.

Wishing you all well,