One head.  Arches White Paper    A4 £160    A3  £180    A2 £220

Second Head                                         £60             £ 70          £  80

Third Head                                            N/A            £ 50          £  60

Further information and other prices on application

Detailed  Watercolour and Ink    A4 £180        A3  £220    A2    £240

Animal portraits of just heads see people above.

If you require a full or part body then please see the price including a second head as a guide.

Sketchy  Watercolour and Ink    A4 £120        A3  £160      A2    £180


Buildings can be finished in a sketchy style or as a more finished piece, please state which you prefer.



Cost for portraits is based broadly on the number of heads, size of portrait and the complexity of the subject, for a guide to this please see below.

Lynda Bell-Mann Art

Each commission is different and therefore I have given some guidance on my pricing below.  If this is too expensive and you would like something in a more sketchy style or you have something different in mind then we can talk about the artwork and come to an arrangement.  Please note I will send a preliminary sketch for you to approve after which I require 50% of the price before proceeding further.

I will require a selection of good quality digital images from which to work.

One head.  Toned paper     A4 £120     A3  £160    A2 £200

Second Head                              £60             £ 70          £  80

Third Head                                   N/A          £ 50          £  60

Further information and other prices on application